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Tribute to Adrian Leftwich

(Written by Steve Hogg on behalf of the Developmental Leadership Program, DLP, one of the partners behind this blog) It is with profound sadness that the Developmental Leadership Program (DLP) team advises colleagues of the death of Adrian Leftwich, DLP’s … Continue reading

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How to operationalise ‘good fit’

By David Booth In the Copenhagen Joint Statement, we ended by advocating a ‘good fit’ approach to institutional reform in Africa. We didn’t go very far into what that might mean. Now, one of the five programmes that authored the … Continue reading

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Economic growth and leadership succession

By Tim Kelsall In recent days there has been fevered speculation across the internet about the fate of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, and the leadership struggle liable to follow his (as yet unconfirmed) demise (for an excellent overview see … Continue reading

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Developmental leadership

By Adrian Leftwich The recent interesting discussion on this blog about democracy and development in Africa is a spur to another issue – tucked away towards the end of the Joint Statement: the question of leadership. (By the way, the … Continue reading

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Democracy’s mixed blessings

By Eveness Zuze and David Booth African countries need economic transformation. They need it not just to raise general living standards but to create conditions in which people can enjoy social and political freedoms, including the right to choose their … Continue reading

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Good Governance vs. collective action

It’s time for donors to get out of their addiction to Good Governance! No country has ever implemented the current donor-promoted Good Governance agenda before embarking on social and economic development. This was true for rich countries before they became … Continue reading

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