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This blog (closed for further discussion as of 1 July 2013) on politics, aid and development in Africa was inspired by our own recent research in more than fifteen African countries.

Some of us have also done comparative research on countries outside Africa (e.g. Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Yemen). We drew on that research experience in this blog.

The participating research programmes were:

Africa Power and Politics Programme, APPP, led by ODI, London

Developmental Leadership Programme, DLP

Elites, Production and Poverty: a Comparative Analysis, EPP, led by the Danish Institute for International Studies, Copenhagen

Political Economy of Agricultural Policy in Africa, PEAPA, led by SOAS, London

Tracking Development, TD,  led by the African Studies Centre and Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, Leiden

Researchers from these programmes participated in the blog. Among them were:

Adrian Leftwich, DLP

André Leliveld, TD

Colin Poulton, PEAPA

David Booth, APPP

David Henley, TD

Lars Buur, EPP

Lindsay Whitfield, EPP

Anne Mette Kjær, EPP

Ole Therkildsen, EPP

Richard Crook, APPP
 Tim Kelsall
Tim Kelsall, APPP
Ton Dietz, TD

The blog was moderated by Ole Therkildsen, EPP, oth@diis.dk